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Board of Management

Mr. Au Bintoro is the visionary founder of Olympic Group, a pioneering company in the knock-down furniture industry since 1978. Under his dynamic leadership, Olympic Group has evolved from focusing solely on furniture products to diversifying into various sectors, including real estate. The company’s continuous growth and innovation have established it as a crucial player in Indonesia’s furniture and property markets.

Mr. Au Bintoro'sMr. Au Bintoro’s leadership has propelled Olympic Group to become the market leader in the knock-down furniture industry in Indonesia. Known for his innovative vision and ability to scale the business from a small operation to a major enterprise, Mr. Au Bintoro has made a significant impact. He firmly believes that life is a never-ending learning process, and he continuously strives to develop himself while contributing to society through various activities, both in business and personally.

Currently, the company is led by his son, Mr. Santo Fransiscus, who continues the family legacy with great dedication. Santo Fransiscus focuses on furthering the company’s success in the furniture industry while bringing in new innovations to ensure the sustainable growth of the furniture business. His leadership aims to maintain and enhance the furniture business in the export market, government projects, and retail market under the store name “Offo Living.”

Meet the Board of Management at PT. Olympic Furniture Gemilang, a team of visionary leaders committed to steering the company towards new heights in the furniture industry. Each member brings a wealth of experience, a deep passion for design, and a commitment to sustainability and innovation. Together, they embody the spirit of excellence and dedication that PT. Olympic Furniture Gemilang stands for. Under their guidance, the company continues to innovate, creating high-quality, sustainable furniture solutions that cater to the evolving needs of customers around the globe. With a keen eye on the future, the Board of Management is dedicated to ensuring that PT. Olympic Furniture Gemilang remains at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards for craftsmanship, design, and environmental responsibility