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Company Overview

PT. Olympic Furniture Gemilang was establised since 1983. with 48 years of industry expertise, we have experince in furniture manufacturing and trading, prioritizing both comparative and competitive excellence. 

PT. Olympic Furniture Gemilang, owns two big manufacturing units, located in bogor and sukabumi. Our focus is on developing design and precision of manufacturing. We delivers carefully curated product ranges that blend between creativity and quality. Our factory is dedicated to consistent, and accurate production output, with the industry’s most current technology.

We have a combination of various materials such as particle boards, medium density fibreboards, metals, plastics and timber. Using product finishes such as PVC, Timber, paper lamination, veneer, paint and various fabric options. We have more than 500 product variants, ranging from: Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Frames, Office Furnitures, Upholstery, Kitchen, and many more.

We have Maintained high professionalism, to ensure customer satisfaction through our commitment to excellence, in order to meet all of our customer’s expectations.

We Will continue to innovate, while prioritizing sustainability, providing excellent customer service, and forming strategic partnerships, to create competitive and high-quality products.

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