Who does not know the figure of this man, born in Riau on August 1, 1952? Founder of the Olympic Furniture Group, who else if not Mr. Au Bintoro (AuB). With very simple appearance he is better known as the King of knock down furniture in Indonesia .
On his 70th birthday this year which he celebrated on August 1st 2022, he did something out of the ordinary; he celebrated by going online / virtual by holding live streaming events on Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube(@yold.indonesia (Yold Indonesia)), and Zoom (internal Olympic Group and Media only) It was a night to remember as not only was the event very unique and inspiring but it was also attended by his family and enlivened by Imelda Fransisca (Miss Indonesia 2005), and Arizki (Vocalist for Band Drive).

On this special occasion Mr AuB shared his experiences and secret tips on how to live a healthy, happy and productive lifestyle as you grow older, he also provided a special giveaway in the form of 70 limited furniture packages and a grand lucky draw of 7 sofa bed units all manufactured by Olympic and have superior quality. Mr AuB also introduced and inaugurated the Indonesian Yold (Young Old) community where the term for those aged between 60 to 75 who still have the soul and characteristics of young people or commonly called Baby Boomers.

“The purpose of this event is not to introduce who he is, but to share his experiences and in all his birthday celebrations, he tries to always shares meaningful and useful messages that he learns from his life experiences – which is very meaningful especially for me as his daughter,” said Imelda, Miss Indonesia 2005.

“For me, being 70 years old is just a number, it is not an age to end or close the book in living life’s activities, but for me it is to start and enter and try new challenging activities, because life is a learning process,” said Mr AuB.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to watch this event, you can watch the video rebroadcast on Yold Indonesia’s Youtube so you don’t miss Mr. Au Bintoro. YOLD Indonesia – YouTube