In August 2022 Offo Living Store held the largest, most comprehensie Furniture Bazaar with super discounted prices in Sukabumi, located at Offo Living Store Cikembar (Cikembar Industrial Area, Jl. Pelabuhan II, Jl. Cikembang, Cimanggu, Kec. Cikembar, Sukabumi, West Java).

This event started on August 05 and ended until August 31, 2022. Our bazaar was enlivened by several brands such as: Olympic Furniture Gemilang, Napolly, and Elite thus providing an array of furniture for all of our customers needs.

During this event, Offo Living furniture offered furnitures with minimalist designs and that were very economical pricing.
There were many exciting promotions during this event too, ranging from the “Product Up To 60% Discounts”, “Display Free Transport Promotion”, and also a “Free Shipping” promotion that will benefit our customers.

A variety of furniture can be found ranging from cabinets, multipurpose shelves, kitchen sets, study tables, chairs, sofas, sofabeds, beds, and mattresses. With furniture prices starting from Rp75,000 you can immediately bring home your dream furniture.

In addition to shopping for furniture, visitors can also take instagram worthy “travel in Cappadocia”style hot air balloons located in the Cikembar industrial area next to the bazaar location.

With the enthusiasm of thousands of visitors at this event, in the future Offo Living will hold similar events in other cities with more diverse products and even lower prices with export qualities. Wait for more updates from Offo Living Store by visiting our IG at and our website
Please do not miss our next furniture event from Offo Living!