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Cleaning sofa

Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Sofa for Longevity

The sofa is the centerpiece of comfort in a home, where we relax after a long day. However, over time, sofas can become a magnet for dust, stains, and unpleasant odors. To keep your sofa clean and ensure maximum comfort,…
Recliner Sofa

Introducing Our Latest Innovation: New Recliner Sofa Line!  

Olympic Furniture Gemilang (OFG) proudly announces the launch of its newest creation: the Recliner Sofa Line! This groundbreaking product line represents a significant leap forward in our ongoing mission to provide unparalleled comfort and style to our valued customers. With…
Bunk Bed Josh

Introducing Bunk Bed Josh Maximizing Space and Style for Modern Living

Discover the latest offerings from PT OFG tailored to meet the needs of young families with children under five and those embracing minimalist apartment living. Introducing our innovative Bunk Bed Josh, the ultimate solution for compact living spaces that demand…