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Sofa Factory Relocation for Future Growth

In a strategic move aimed at strengthening its position in the competitive furniture manufacturing landscape, we officially announced the decision to relocate our sofa manufacturing operations to a new and promising location.

Bridging Islands, Connecting Hearts: Offo Living Expands Across the Archipelago

In the spirit of unity and shared spaces, Offo Living is excited to announce the opening of our new stores extending our presence to connect with customers across the entire country.

Embracing the Magic of the Season: Heartfelt Wishes from OFG Furniture

As the frosty air envelops our surroundings and the twinkle lights transform our homes into enchanted wonderlands, we are filled with gratitude and warmth at OFG Furniture.

The Biggest Funiture Bazaar in Sukabumi

In August 2022 Offo Living Store will hold the largest, most comprehensive, and cheapest Furniture Bazaar in Sukabumi, precisely at Offo Living Store Cikembar

New Launching Offo Living Store in Kuningan City Mall & Sunter Food Centrum

Offo Living Store which was established in 2018 is engaged as the Largest and Most Complete Furniture retailer in Indonesia.

Mr Au Bintoro’s 70th Anniversary Celebration

Who does not know the figure of this man who was born in Riau on August 1, 1952, who is the Founder of the Olympic Furniture Group, who else if not Mr. Au Bintoro.